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+ - Hacking Team and the Murky World of State-Sponsored Spying->

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DavidGilbert99 writes "Eric Rabe does not have the easiest job in the world. As head of communications for Hacking Team, Rabe has to defend his company's product which allows governments, law enforcement and intelligence agencies all around the world to snoop and spy on their citizens.
The revelation that Hacking Team softweare had been used by repressive regimes in Morocco and UAE to illegally monitor activists didn't help matters.
Rabe describes the process of checks and balances Hacking Team has put in place to ensure its powerful cyber-weapon doesn't fall into the wrong hands, but at the end of the day it is simply a judgement call by a private company, which, as Rabe admits, "is the best we think we can do on this issue.""

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Hacking Team and the Murky World of State-Sponsored Spying

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